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NERTA ANTI-INSECT is a weak alkaline liquid cleaning agent, specially developed to remove dead insects from cars and trucks. Because of its unique composition, NERTA ANTI-INSECT can be applied in different ways, e.g. sprayers, foam systems, chemical bows of car wash installations and as a pre wash agent in high pressure cleaners.

Sprayers: dilute 1 litre NERTA ANTI-INSECT + 9 litres water; spray the parts from the bottom up. Let it soak for about 30 to 60 seconds (never let it dry). Rinse off with high pressure water.

High pressure foamers – use 100% concentrate through foamers as most injectors will have a 10:1 mix ratio. Foam over all surfaces that have insect contamination, leave to dwell for 60 seconds and the foam over with nerta”s carnet Jumbo. leave to dwell for a further 60 seconds and wash of from the bottom to the top with high pressure water

Nerta Anti Insect may stain mirror polished aluminium through a fomer, we would recommend to test it at 100% ratio and if it marks dilute it down by 10% increments.

IMPORTANT: never let NERTA ANTI-INSECT dry on the coachwork. When spraying very warm and mat parts, we advise you to wet the parts slightly with water beforehand. Do not put the vehicle in the sun.

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