BioEnzymes Airicide Concentrated Odour Eliminator

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Counteracts Odours the BioEnzymes way
– Super strength – Many times the concentration & lasting ability of typical deodorisers
– Convenient- High concentration allows packaging in smaller sizes that can easily be transported & stored.
– Versatile – Counteracts odours from a wide range of sources including smoking, cooking, animals, liquor, chemicals, sickness etc.
– Non-staining – Can be applied directly to most surfaces without risk of staining or damaging that surface.
– Water soluble – Dilutes with water & mixes completely without stirring, making it ideal for addition to cleaning solutions, rug shampoos & rinse water.

BioEnzymes Airicide is a multi purpose water soluble counteractant that is many times the concentration of ordinary deodorisers, making it more effective against stronger & more disagreeable odours & also giving it a longer residual action.
BioEnzymes Airicide is formulated with Airicide odour counteractant to change the “geometries” of odour molecules in the air, consequently changing the way they are perceived by our olfactory senses & causing odours to be no longer perceived as unpleasant.

BioEnzymes Airicide counteracts odours from animals, cigarettes, cigars, cooking, sickness, liquor, garbage, paint, chemicals etc.

Counteracts most common foul odours. For use in hospitals, nursing homes, institutions, schools, hotels, motels, buses, aeroplanes, boats etc. Erases foul odours in bathrooms, locker rooms, kitchens, basements, bed pans, commodes, air con units etc.

Daily– Squirt a few drops on the bottom of chair seats, in waste baskets & garbage cans.

Human Incontinence, pet accidents – Squirt on source of odour to make clean-up more pleasant. Add BioEnzymes Airicide to detergent.
Hospitals, Nursing Homes – Squirt in bed pans, commodes, on dirty linen, used bandages.
Hotels, motels – Squirt on bath mat, on shower curtain or in air conditioner.
Rugs, shampoos, cleaning solutions – Add one small squirt per litre of mixed solution. Use also in rinse water.
Sinks, drains, marine & portable toilets – Add 10ml per litre of liquid in holding tank.

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