BioEnzymes Open Biological pH Neutral Drain Cleaner

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Safer for personnel – Contains none of the corrosive poisonous chemicals normally associated with drain openers.
– Safer for plumbing – Contains no acids or caustics to generate heat or pressure & affect the joints and plastic piping.
– Safer if spilled or splashed – Contains no acids or caustics to harm carpeting, clothing, marble, terrazzo, etc.
– Clean Air formula – Contains no VOC’s to pollute the atmosphere.
– Works faster than other bio-enzymatic digestors because it liquefies fatty, oily, greasy blockages faster. In fact, it is actually faster than widely advertised yet highly corrosive brands.
– Starts a bio-film on the inside surfaces of drain lines, that if maintained can prevent the accumulation of grease & future blockage

Contains airicide – Even free flowing drains can emit unpleasant odours, while the odour from blocked drains can be downright foul. The proprietary Airicide ingredient in BioEnzymes Open counteracts such odours & leaves a fresh, clean fragrance.
BioEnzymes Open Bio Enzyme Drain Opener is a unique environmentally friendly bio-enzymatic formulation that replaces hazardous traditional products used to open clogged & sluggish drains & grease
traps.It has been specifically formulated to attack the grease & fats that are the usual cause of blockages in kitchens & the body oils & soap film that build up to clog drains in bathroom sinks & showers.

Specially selected bacteria release enzymes that liquefy & then literally digest grease, fats, body oils & soap films. The only by-products of this process are water & CO2. Bio-enzymatic action has been nature’s way of degrading waste since the earth was formed, but until now enzymes did not act fast enough to solve an emergency drain problem.
Now with advanced chemistry, this proprietary formulation acts immediately to peptize & break up fatty, greasy blockages. Then, as it completes its task, it coats the inside of the lines & joints with a foundation of bio-film to retard the build-up of organic matter that could cause future problems.

Unlike traditional drain openers, BioEnzymes Open will not burn the flesh or ruin clothing, carpeting etc if the product should be accidentally spilled or splashed. It is however not meant to be used as a substitute for sulphuric acid used to devour sanitary napkins or the like.

For cleaning and opening drains and pipes in sinks, showers & floors, in dishwashers, garbage disposals etc.

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