Diggers Mineral Turpentine

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Diggers Mineral Turpentine is a solvent commonly used for thinning oil-based paints and cleaning paint brushes and equipment after painting.

Typical Uses:

Thinning oil-based paint.
Thinning Diggers Linseed Oil (Raw and Pale Boiled).
Removing wax and polish.
Cleaning paint brushes and equipment.


Low-aromatic, white-spirit hydrocarbon solvent.

Thinning Oil-Based Paint
To achieve optimum results always follow paint manufacturer’s directions when thinning paint.

Thinning Linseed Oil (Raw and Pale Boiled)
Mix Diggers Linseed Oil 50:50 with Diggers Mineral Turpentine for increased timber protection.

Removing Waxes and Polishes
Always test on a small area first. Use direct from the bottle. Saturate a lint free cloth with Diggers Mineral Turpentine and wipe in one direction to remove containments from surface. Use a clean part of the cloth for each wipe. For vertical surfaces start at the top and work downwards.

Cleaning Paint Brushes
Place brush in jar with Diggers Mineral Turpentine, squeeze out paint and rinse with strong soapy water.

Tip: When cutting glass, dip the cutter wheel in Diggers Mineral Turpentine prior to cutting – this lubricates
the cutting wheel and produces a cleaner cut.

Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye / face protection when using this product.

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