Our mobile water heater is able to heat to 140°C. Ideal to turn your 5000 psi cold water pressure cleaner into a hot water machine. Features include: A double turn coil made from steel tubing, treated with high temperature paints; New high efficiency, long life, weld-free boiler manufactured completely in stainless steel; and an electric control panel with on-off switch and thermostat.
The cover and trolley are made from painted sheet metal and the Firebox 350 has great safety devices such as a check valve, safety valve, and flow meter to check for the absence of water. This unit has popular applications in agriculture, industrial manufacturing and also construction.
Pressure – 350 Bar (5000psi)
Flow – 21 lpm
Motor – Electric, 0kW
Voltage – Single Phase, 240V 50Hz
Frame Type – Powder coated
Wheels – 3
Weight – 113.8kg

Dimensions – 77 x 72 x 90