Wagtail Pivot Control Squeegee

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Pivot Control Squeegee with Limiters (locks) to adjust the pivot range.

Ideal for first time Wagtail users by gradually widening the pivot range if used to a fixed handle squeegee (a bit like training wheels). The pivot positioned on top enables greater accuracy and smooth movement. This Squeegee requires a very light touch and relaxed grip, very ergonomic. The aluminium Slimline Channel and rubber are held in by a screw for easy replacement. Just loosen the screw a fraction to remove the rubber (don’t take the screw out).

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10"/25cm, 12"/30cm, 14"/35cm, 16"/40cm, 18"/45cm, 20"/50cm, 22"/55cm, 24"/60cm, 6"/15cm, 8"/20cm


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